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Menus as a service.

Why aren't you only paying per high quality menu delivered? We completely adapt to your needs. No more forecasting. Pay per menu, not per hour. Already trusted by the biggest delivery firms and food-tech companies in the world.

How do we do this?

While other BPOs hire a cheap workforce, we hire just the best workers all over the world and, thanks to our proprietary AI tools, turn them into real SUPER (productive) HUMANS. The quality we provide skyrockets and our costs stay competitive.

Why hire us?

Outsource the tedious work! And if you already do, with us you won’t have to worry about managing tens of BPOs, one or more for each language, and abide by strict terms anymore. We provide our service in any language and you can make use of it whether you process 100 or 50,000 menus a month. No quantity commitments, the amount of menus you need is the amount you pay, that simple.

The best of humans + AI

A tool to supercharge your team.

Sometimes you may still want to do things in-house. If that's the case, we've also got you covered! Xmenu is our AI powered tool that has learned from thousand of menus and is engineered to drastically reduce the menu handling time of your team.

How does it work?

Xmenu it's able to take your menu as a picture, PDF, Excel, etc and quickly structure it into whatever format you require. Xmenu is not a cheap OCR. After having been trained on thousands of menus, it's able to extract dish names, descriptions, categories, prices, addons, etc, and organize them into a structured table, ready to be imported into your system. Our smart algorithms understand the menu, avoid all the typing, correct typographic mistakes, and reduce review time. The data can be exported as a CSV, Excel, JSON, ...

We also provide custom integrations if needed.

What's the speed-up?

Xmenu reduces up to 10 times your menu handling time, without compromising quality. In addition, it takes less than 30 minutes of carefully prepared online videos to train a whole workforce. Not only is speed increased, but the amount of energy taken per menu is greatly reduced, lowering your employee's workload and avoiding the rotation associated with these tedious tasks.

No more menu problems.
Let our Superhuman workforce do the job or take advantage of our intelligent tools and supercharge your team today.
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