No more menu problems.
Supercharge your team with the most intuitive and advanced AI-Driven solution in the market.
It's simple,
SUPERHUMANS are better than HUMANS,
that's why our software makes all the difference.
our solution

What do we do?

Our software as a service, Xmenu, can take your menus in any language as pictures, PDFs, Excels, Word documents, etc and structure it so that it can be easily imported into your system.

Making use of AI, we empower your menu team and increase its productivity by 1000%, no kidding.

Obtain higher quality and super-fast menu handling times at a fraction of the effort.

key differences

Why it just works.

Xmenu uses the best of both, humans + AI, to take your menu operation to the next level. It's designed to be easy to use since day one.

Xmenu has been refined by the usage and requirements of hundreds of agents from all over the world and by the data obtained from thousands of exported monthly menus.

Agents love it because it makes the process 10 times less tedious and much less energy intensive. Food deliveries love it because it brings in a lot of new data, transparency and control into the menu operation, making it much easier to manage, even when the service has been externalized to a remote workforce.

data driven

Full fledged solution.

Our solution is not just a tool, it's a whole package. In the end we are a data-driven company, that's why we come equipped with a lot of tools and analytics.

With our control panels you can measure times per menu per agent, inactivity, number of products, menu pages, segment your data per region or provider, and much more. This is also why we know that our solution really works, we have proof.

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